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Happy T-Dog Day

RIP T-Dog. Gone, but not forgotten. I guess we can mention Lori too, but we don’t really miss her.


Michonne With A Light Saber

This has all kinds of win written all over it. Can you imagine if this had been in the episode? Not that the katana is bad, but Michonne with a light saber, would be...


Episode 307 The Walking Dead

Whoa, I’ll make this fast and sweet since it’s already a day late. The episode starts off where we left off last week. Merle has taken Glenn and Maggie hostage and dragged them back...


Episode 306 The Walking Dead – Hounded

This episode of The Walking Dead, opens with Merle and a gang from Woodbury hunting michonne in the woods. Michonne, has left them a message telling them to go back, which Merle ignores. Michonne...


Zombie Fight Club – Walking Dead

This zombie fight club scene was crazy. I know it comes from the comic, but it was still crazy. If Andrea doesn’t start to think that there’s something wrong with the Governor, then, there’s...