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Pretty Much Dead Already

Here’s a quick video recap of episode 207 of The Walking Dead. I can’t wait until February 12 when the series returns. I wonder what Hershel is going to do now that he somewhat...


Sophia In The Barn

This was the climactic scene from the mid-season finale. I gotta wonder, why didn’t Sophia get eaten, like Otis got eaten?


Master Shake Zombified

I used an application called zombie booth to create this. All I need, are the little hands sticking out the side. In case you’re wondering, Frylock, got ate.


Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 6

I can’t believe that Hershel is keeping those walkers in the barn. I mean, I understand that it’s his friends and family, I get that, but seriously dude, they’re dead. The old gray mare,...


Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 5

!!Spoiler Alert!! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the episode!! There, I told you about it. OK, so in the preview, I was really happy to see that Merle made an appearance. It...