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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9

So, the episode opens up after Lori crashed her car because she wasn’t paying attention while driving down the road. That just goes to show, even after the zombie apocalypse, you gotta pay attention...


The Walking Dead Is Back! Season 2 Episode 8

We finally got to see the aftermath of when Rick shot Sophia’s walker. Hershel lost his cool after Shane confronted him. Hershel wants Shane off his land, and Shane is still up in Rick’s...


Maggie and Glenn Get It On

When this happened, during episode 4 of season 2, I was completely blown away. I think Glenn played it well when she called him out on the condoms, but what do I know.


Vampires Are Badass Zombies

I was watching some True Blood yesterday, and realized something that I had already known, but hadn’t quite articulated. Vampires are, essentially zombies that have their mental faculties intact. Like zombies, vampires have the...


Pretty Much Dead Already

Here’s a quick video recap of episode 207 of The Walking Dead. I can’t wait until February 12 when the series returns. I wonder what Hershel is going to do now that he somewhat...


Sophia In The Barn

This was the climactic scene from the mid-season finale. I gotta wonder, why didn’t Sophia get eaten, like Otis got eaten?