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10 Quick Things For Your Zombie Plan

I’ve been thinking about this whole zombie apocalypse thing lately but from the perspective of what would I do to survive the first 3 days or so. I don’t really have a zombie plan...


Humans vs Zombies

So, I was thinking about something that I read on I think it was cracked or some other similar website. They were talking about how they know that a zombie apocalypse would fail in a...


Zombie Packing List

Shout out to Kathryn for pointing me to this cool poster! Much like the undead that will eventually walk among us, this blog is not quite dead yet. It’s still alive. Survival Instructions for...


What’s YOUR Zombie Attack Plan?

This is a guest post: What’s YOUR Zombie Attack Plan? By Berti Walker If you’re visiting this site, it’s a safe bet you have one! It’s true that a good portion of today’s society...


Disabling A Light Armored Vehicle

This is footage from one of the riots in Venezuela, but it got me thinking about something. Suppose you’re in an urban environment, there are hordes of possible zombies, or worst human raiders coming...


Zombies Can’t Use Stairs

Something occurred to me last night when I was watching the walking dead. Actually, it didn’t occur to me last night, it occurred to me today during the day. I noticed, that none of...